Family of Origin Issues and the holidays

By Dr. Ed Feraco

How do you behave when you return to your family of origin during the holiday season?  During holiday celebrations amongst family of origin (immediate family members and/or  extended family) many people seem to regress to behavior patterns similar to how they responded and/or behaved in their youth as they interact with their parents, siblings, and/or family members. For example, the “favored child” may find themselves agreeing with whatever their parent expresses, while the child that grew up with the family label of  the “trouble maker child” may become more loud mouthed around family members and/or respond in other problematic ways. The bully-like sibling may continue to bully other siblings by, for example, making snide comments, interrupting other family members that attempt to communicate, and/or may engage in passive–aggressive behaviors in an attempt to seize control and/or to create drama. Simply put, some people seem to thrive off creating drama and as Sigmund Freud would assert, are perhaps stuck in one of the fixation stages.

Family of origin issues can certainly facilitate increased stress during family holiday celebrations. Spouses, “In-laws”, significant others, and/or children may find themselves experiencing for the first time behaviors uncharacteristic of their loved one. For some, holiday celebrations evolve into dysfunctional celebrations that end with some people (or
family members) feeling rejected, wounded, and/or traumatized. In some instances, dysfunctional holiday celebrations result with one or more persons being labeled a scapegoat for the drama and in some instances, the true bully is portrayed as the “good person”.

In families that have history of alcoholism and/or substance dependence/abuse, the holiday seasons may bring back unhappy memories from childhood holiday celebrations. This dynamic may be carried over to the present, causing increased stress on the new family unit (spouse, partner, and/or children). Some of us might recall scenes from
various Hollywood holiday themed movies that portray drunken arguments, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and other unfortunate behaviors. While these are scenes portrayed in movies, they nevertheless are real for many people.

Gay and/or lesbians sometimes find themselves dealing with unique stressors during the holidays, especially in instances where they may be “in-the-closet”, in instances where their family refuses to accept their significant other, and/or abandoned them simply for being born gay or lesbian. People dealing with unresolved bereavement and loss
similarly may struggle with the holidays especially in instances where they might be isolated from others and/or are elderly/frail.

What can people do to prevent the perpetual wheel of holiday dysfunction?

1) Prepare yourself mentally before you attend a holiday family event. That is, use self talk to coach yourself on how you might respond should a loving family member decide to present as a cad or as if they were the donkey often displayed in the nativity scene.

2) Try seeing your family member in the “here and now”, not like they use to be.

3) Without be argumentative, try expressing opinions different from what you used to think.

4) Try to avoid topics that may be controversial or topics that seem to push yours or others’ “buttons”.

5) Focus on the festivities and remember that we decide what does or does not “hurt” our feelings. This perspective will help you to avoid taking responsibility for another person’s ill-mannered “bah humbug” way of thinking.

6) If family of origin issues are simply too overwhelming and/or too toxic for you, create your own family and celebrate with those whom adore and respect you for who you are.

While not everyone struggles with unhealthy family of origin related issues/dynamics during the holidays, everyone can indeed create their own enjoyable reasons to celebrate the season.


Hello world!

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you seem to attract for example drama and/or dysfunctional people in your life?  Perhaps you befriend people that take advantage of you financially?  Do any people in your circle of life behave like an emotional leech? I, with the help of a former patient, coined the term emotional leech to describe any person that attaches themselves to you such that they drain everything out of you emotionally, spiritually, and physically while never reciprocating to meet any of your needs as a friend.  That is, there is no true sense of friendship—it is an abusive, dysfunctional, lop-sided relationship.  Do your friends treat you unkindly?  Do you supervise destructive people?  Nevertheless, whatever the circumstance may be what I am about to scribe will indeed empower you to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.  Yes, it is possible to escape the toxic trap of viewing yourself as a perpetual victim while learning to take 100% responsibility for your life and thus having complete ownership to transcend above any fray your may have convinced yourself has ensnarled you.

One path to self liberation is known as the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Ho’oponopono.  Morrnah taught that whenever any type of problem comes up, we must look at ourselves, and that “Peace begins with me”.  Ho’oponopono is a process of only looking at myself and working on the garbage (memories) in me (my subconscious mind), because once I get myself in rhythm with The Divinity, everybody else gets into rhythm too; But if I am out of rhythm, so too will be everybody else.  The idea of Ho’oponopono is to work directly with The Divinity, saying to The Divinity incessantly: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”, and then allow The Divinity to make the corrections, which is to transmute the garbage (memories) in my subconscious mind back to Zero, and then out of that Zero (void), Divinity can come forth. Source: Zero Limits – By Dr Vitale and Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

What works ultimately, is when I realize that the world is within me, and that to change the world, I have to change it within myself.  I have to change whatever is going on in me (my memories), which requires taking 100% responsibility.  The Ho’oponopono process is: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”, and allow The Divinity to do whatever, with NO expectations.

I have come to the realization that the world is what is going on in me.  When a “problem” comes up in my life, I say: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that is causing me to feel this pain; Thank You.”.  Built into the “I Love You” is the process of repentance and forgiveness, and that is my responsibility. Divinity’s responsibility is to say: “I have heard you”, and then: “I am going to take care of that for you, and I am going to erase it when I feel it is right and perfect to ME to do so”.  My job is very simple: – I take 100% responsibility for whatever is going on in me, and Divinity will do whatever needs to be done.

If I knock, the door will open. If I ask, I will receive.  Source: Zero Limits – By Dr Vitale and Dr Hew Len; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

Dr Hew Len points out that the mind is only moved by 2 laws: Memory / Inspiration:

When I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”, Divinity knows what the garbage (memories) are, but it is not something that I know.  I know that my intellect has no idea of what is going on, because out of 15 million bits of information available, my conscious mind is only aware of 14/15 of them. (“Can you imagine all the other date I am running with?”)  Dr Hew Len says that nothing can happen to us unless it is already in our data bank (subconscious mind), because that is the Law of Cause and Effect.

So I look within myself, and ask The Divinity to erase the causes in me (whatever these memories are) what would cause me to see the world in a way that The Divinity didn’t create it.  I know that Divinity created the world perfect.  I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I am experiencing this; Thank You.” (You simply repeat these four statements over and over to yourself while thinking of whatever the issue may or may not be).


Q: What gets erased by The Divinity so that my problems stop?

A:  I have no idea: – That’s The Divinity’s job, not mine! – I am not doing The Divinity’s job.

Divinity erases; I am just saying: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”

By saying to that which is in me “I Love You”, I am allowing The Divinity to transmute the errors (memories) in me.


Source: Zero Limits – By Dr Vitale and Dr Hew Len; News for the Soul Internet Radio.


I operate my life and my relationships according to the following insights:

1. The physical universe is an actualization of my thoughts.
2. If my thoughts are cancerous, they create a cancerous physical reality.
3. If my thoughts are perfect, they create a physical reality brimming with LOVE.
4. I am 100% responsible for creating my physical universe the way it is.
5. I am 100% responsible for correcting the cancerous thoughts that create a diseased reality.
6. There is no such thing as out there. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind.

Source: Dr Hew Len


One prayer used in this teaching by Morrnah N. Simeona* follows:

HO’OPONOPONO Statement of Release

Divine Creator: Father, Mother, Son as ONE:

If I (we), ____________________, my (our) families, relative, and ancestors have offended you, __________________, your families, relatives and ancestors, in thoughts, words and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present,

Humbly, humbly I (we) ask you (all) for forgiveness for all my (our) errors, resentments, guilt, hatred, hurts, trauma or pain, offenses, blocks, etc., which I (we) have created and accumulated from the beginning to the present. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

(Response) Yes, _________________, I (We) forgive you!

Let this water cleanse, purify and release me (us), offender and offended from spiritual, mental, material, finan­cial, and karmic bondage. (Note: The use of actual water is not necessary. A symbolic sprinkling gesture made with the hand will be sufficient to suggest water.)

Pull out from our Memory Bank or Computer all the unwanted, negative memories and blocks that attach, knot, tie, and bind us together.

Sever, detach, untie, and release these unwanted memories and blocks.

Transmute These Unwanted Energies to “Pure Light”!

Fill the spaces these energies occupied with Divine Light.

Let “Divine Order,” Light, Love, Peace, Balance, Understanding, Joy, Wisdom and Abundance be made manifest for us through the Divine Power of the Divine Father, Creator of all life, Mother, Son as ONE, in whom we abide, rest, and have our being… Now and forever more. Amen.


* Morrnah N. Simeona presented the Ho‘oponopono process for the first time at our Huna Seminar in Ponolu‘u, Hawaii in August, 1980.


“I” Am The “I”


“I” come forth from the void into light,

Pua mai au mai ka po iloko o ka malamalama,

“I” am the breath that nurtures life,

Owau no ka ha, ka mauli ola,

“I” am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond all consciousness,

Owau no ka poho, ke ka’ele mawaho a’e o no ike apau.

The “I”, the Id, the All.

Ka I, Ke Kino Iho, na Mea Apau.

“I” draw my bow of rainbows across the waters,

Ka a’e au i ku’u pi’o o na anuenue mawaho a’e o na kai a pau,

The continuum of minds with matters.

Ka ho’omaumau o na mana’o ame na mea a pau.

“I” am the incoming and outgoing of breath,

Owau no ka “Ho”, a me ka “Ha”

The invisible, untouchable breeze,

He huna ka makani nahenahe,

The undefinable atom of creation.

Ka “Hua” huna o Kumulipo.

“I” am the “I”.

Owau no ka “I”.


Copyright © The Foundation of I, Inc Freedom of the Cosmos


Who’s In Charge?

Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.

Thank you for coming along with me in reading this article. I am grateful.

I love Self Identity Ho’oponopono and dear Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Kahuna Lapa’au, who so graciously shared it with me in November, 1982.

This article is based on thoughts logged in my 2005 notebook.

9 January 2005 

Problems can be solved without knowing what the heck is going on! Realizing and appreciating this is sheer relief and joy for me.

Problem solving, part of the purpose for existence, is what Self Identity Ho’oponopono is about. To solve problems, two questions must be addressed: Who am I? Who’s in charge?

To apprehend the nature of the cosmos begins with the insight of Socrates: “Know thyself.”

21 January 2005

Who’s in charge?

Most people, including those in the science community, deal with the world as being a physical entity.

Current research in DNA to identify causes and remedies for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is a prime example of this.

The Law of Cause and Effect
Physical Model
Cause Effect
Faulty DNA
Faulty DNA
Faulty DNA
Heart Disease
Physical Problems
Environmental Problems

The Intellect, the Conscious Mind, believes it is the problem solver. That it controls what happens and what is experienced.

In his book User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down To Size, science journalist Tor Norretranders paints a different picture of Consciousness. He cites research studies, particularly those of Professor Benjamin Libet of the University of California at San Francisco, that show that decisions are made before Consciousness makes them. And that the Intellect is not aware of this, believing that it decides.


From the moment of my birth
To the instant of my death
There are patterns I must follow
Just as I must breathe each breath.
Like a rat in a maze
The path before me lies
And the pattern never alters
Until the rat dies.

And the pattern still remains
On the wall where darkness fell
And it’s fitting that it should
For in darkness I must dwell.
Like the color of my skin
Or the day that I grow old
My life is made of patterns
That can scarcely be controlled.
Paul Simon, Poet

Norretranders also cites research that show that the Intellect is only conscious of between fifteen to twenty bits of information per second out of millions in reaction below its awareness!

If not the Intellect, Consciousness, then who’s in charge?

8 February 2005

Memories replaying dictate what the Subconscious Mind experiences.

The Subconscious Mind experiences vicariously, mimicking, echoing memories replaying. It behaves, sees, feels, and decides exactly as memories dictate. The Conscious Mind too operates, without its awareness, by memories replaying. They dictate what it experiences as research studies show.

The Law of Cause and Effect
Self Identity Ho’oponopono
Cause Effect
Memories Replaying in the Subconscious Mind
Memories Replaying in the Subconscious Mind
Memories Replaying in the Subconscious Mind
Memories Replaying in the Subconscious Mind
Memories Replaying in the Subconscious Mind
Physical – Heart Disease
Physical – Cancer
Physical – Diabetes
Physical Problems – The Body
Physical Problems — The World

The body and the world reside in the Subconscious Mind as creations of memories replaying, rarely as Inspirations.

23 February 2005

The Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind, comprising the Soul, do not generate their own ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions. As noted before, they experience vicariously, through memories replaying and Inspirations.

But men may construe things after their fashion Clean from the purpose of the things themselves.
William Shakespeare, Playwright

It is essential to realize that the Soul does not generate experiences of its own. That it sees as memories see; feels as memories feel; behaves as memories behave, and decides as memories decide. Or, rarely, it sees, feels, behaves and decides as Inspiration sees, feels, behaves and decides!

It is crucial in problem solving to realize that the body and the world are not the problems in and of themselves but the effects, the consequences, of memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind! Who’s in charge?

Poor Soul, the Center of my sinful earth,
(Thrall to) these rebel powers that thee array,
Why dost thou pine within and suffer dearth,
Painting thy outward walls so costly gay?
Shakespeare, Poet

12 March 2005

The Void is the foundation of Self Identity, of Mind, of the cosmos. It is the precursor state to the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Subconscious Mind.

All that scientists know is the cosmos was spawned from nothing, and will return to the nothing from whence it came. The universe begins and ends with zero. Charles Seife, ZERO: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

Diagram I
Self Identity
State of Void

Memories replaying displace the Void of Self Identity, precluding the manifestation of Inspirations. To remedy this displacement, to reestablish Self Identity, memories need to be transformed to void through transmutation by Divine Intelligence.

“CLEAN, erase, erase and find your own
Shangri-La. Where? Within yourself.”
Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Kahuna Lapa’au

Nor stony tower, nor walls of beaten brass,
Nor airless dungeon, nor strong links of iron,
Can be retentive to the strength of spirit.
William Shakespeare, Playwright

22 March 2005

Existence is a gift from Divine Intelligence. And the gift is given for the sole purpose of reestablishing Self Identity through problem solving. Self Identity Ho’oponopono is an updated version of an ancient Hawaiian problem solving process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation.

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Jesus as reported in Luke 6

Ho’oponopono involves the full participation of each of the four members of Self Identity: Divine Intelligence, Super Conscious Mind, Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind –working together as a unit of one. Each member has its unique part and function in problem solving memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind.

The Super Conscious Mind is memory free, unaffected by memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind. It is always one with Divine Intelligence. However Divine Intelligence moves so moves the Super Conscious Mind.

Self Identity operates by Inspiration and memory. Only one of them, either memory or Inspiration, can be in command of the Subconscious Mind at any given moment. The Soul of Self Identity serves only one master at a time, usually memory the thorn instead of Inspiration the rose.

Diagram 2 
Self Identity
State of Inspiration
Diagram 3
Self Identity
State of Memory Replaying

30 April 05

“I am the self consumer of my woes.”
John Clare, Poet

Void is the common ground, the equalizer, of all Self Identities, both “animate” and “inanimate.” It is the indestructible and timeless foundation of the entire cosmos seen and unseen.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men (all life forms) are created equal…..
Thomas Jefferson, Author Declaration of Independence

Memories replaying displace the common ground of Self Identity, taking the Soul of Mind away from its natural position of Void and Infinite. Although memories displace  the Void, they cannot destroy it. How can nothing be destroyed?

A house divided against its self cannot stand.
Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States

12 May 2005

The Conscious Mind can initiate the Ho`oponopono process to release memories or it can engage them with blame and thinking.

Diagram 4
Self Identity Ho’oponopono
(Problem Solving)
Repentance & Forgiveness

1. Conscious Mind initiates the Ho’oponopono problem solving process, a petition to Divine Intelligence to transmute memories to void. It acknowledges that the problem is memories replaying in its Subconscious Mind. And that it is 100% responsible for them. The petition moves down from the Conscious Mind into the Subconscious Mind;

2. The down flow of the petition into the Subconscious Mind gently stirs memories for transmutation. The petition then moves up to the Super Conscious Mind from the Subconscious Mind, and

3. The Super Conscious Mind reviews the petition, making changes as appropriate. Because it is always in tune with Divine Intelligence, it has the capacity to review and make changes. The petition is then sent up to Divine Intelligence for final review and consideration.

Diagram 5
Self Identity Ho’oponopono
(Problem Solving)
Transmutation by Divine Intelligence

4. After reviewing the petition sent up by the Super Conscious Mind, Divine Intelligence sends transmuting energy down into the Super Conscious Mind;

5. Transmuting energy then flows from the Super Conscious Mind down into the Conscious Mind;

6. And transmuting energy then flows down from the Conscious Mind into the Subconscious Mind. The transmuting energy first neutralizes designated memories. The neutralized energies are then released into storage, leaving a void.

12 June 2005

Thinking and blame (See Graph 3) are memories replaying.

The Soul can be inspired by Divine Intelligence without knowing what the heck is going on. The only requirement for Inspiration, Divine creativity, is for Self Identity to be Self Identity. To be Self Identity requires incessant cleansing of memories.

Memories are constant companions of the Subconscious Mind. They never leave the Subconscious Mind to go on vacation. They never leave the Subconscious Mind to go into retirement. Memories never stop their incessant replaying!

The Man of Law’s Tale

O sudden grief that ever art near neighbor
To worldly bliss! Sprinkled with bitterness
The ends of joy in all our earthly labor!
Grief occupies the goal to which we press.
For your own safety think it is no less,
And in your days of gladness bear in mind
The unknown evil forging on behind!

Geoffrey Chaucer, Cantebury Tales

To be done with memories once and for all, they must be cleansed to nothing once and for all.

It was in Iowa in 1971 that I fell head over heels in love for the second time. Dear M, our daughter, was born.

As I watched my wife care for M, I fell deeper and deeper in love with both of them. I had two wonderful people to love now.

After completing graduate school in Utah that summer, my wife and I had two choices to make: go home to Hawaii or to continue graduate training in Iowa.

As we began life in the Hawkeye State, two hurtles immediately confronted us. First, M never stopped crying when we brought home from the hospital!

Secondly, the worst winter of the century in Iowa history set in. Each morning for weeks on end I kicked the bottom inside of the front door of our apartment and hammered its edges with my hands to break the
entombing ice on the other side.

Around her first year, blood stains showed up on M’s blankets. Only now as I write this sentence, I realize that the constant crying was her reactions to the severe skin problem that was diagnosed later.

By age three, blood seeped continuously from cracks in the crooks of M’s elbows and knees. Blood wept from cracks around the joints of her fingers and toes. Thick mantles of hard skin covered the inside of her arms and around her neck.

One day nine years later when M was about twelve, she, her sister and I were driving home. Suddenly I found myself turning the car around without conscious forethought, and headed in the direction of my office in Waikiki.

“Oh, you folks have come to visit me,” Morrnah said quietly as the three of us trooped into her office. As she shuffled papers on her desk, she looked up at M. “Did you want to ask me something?”
she said softly.

M stretched out both arms revealing years of pain and grief etched in them up and down like Phoenician scrolls. “OK,” came Morrnah’s reply, and she closed her eyes.

What was Morrnah doing? The creator of Self Identity Ho’oponopono was doing Self Identity Ho’oponopono. A year later, thirteen years of bleeding, scaring, pain, grief and medications came to an end. Self Identity Ho’oponopono Student

5 May 2005

For Self Identity to be Self Identity moment to moment requires incessant Ho’oponopono. Like memories, incessant Ho’oponopono can never go on vacation. Incessant Ho’oponopono can never retire. Incessant Ho’oponopono can never sleep. Incessant Ho’oponopono can never stop as…

“…in your days of gladness bear in mind the unknown evil (memories replaying) forging on behind!”

30 June 2005

The purpose of life is to be Self Identity as Divinity created Self Identity in its exact likeness, Void and Infinite.

All life experiences are expressions of memories replaying and Inspirations. Depression, thinking, blame, poverty, hate, resentment and grief are “…fore bemoan moans,” as Shakespeare noted in one of his Sonnets.

12 December 2005

Consciousness working alone is ignorant of Divine Intelligence’s most precious gift:
Self Identity. As such, it is ignorant of what a problem is. This ignorance results in ineffectual solving problem. Poor soul is left to incessant, needless grief for its entire existence. How sad.

The Conscious Mind needs to be awakened to the gift of Self Identity, “…wealth
beyond all understanding.”

Self Identity is indestructible and eternal as is its Creator, Divine Intelligence. The consequence of ignorance is the false reality of senseless and relentless poverty, disease, and war and death generation after generation.

24 December 2005 

The physical is the expression of memories and Inspirations taking place in the Soul of Self Identity. Change the state of Self Identity and the state of the physical world changes.

Who’s in charge…inspirations or memories replaying? The choice is in the hands of the Conscious Mind.

7 February 2006 (A Leap into 2006)

Here are four (4) Self Identity Ho’oponopono problem solving processes that can be applied to reestablish Self Identity through voiding memories replaying problems in the Subconscious Mind:

1. “I love you.” When your Soul experiences memories replaying problems, say
to them mentally or silently: “I love you dear memories. I am grateful for the
opportunity to free all of you and me.” “I love you” can be repeated quietly
again and again. Memories never go on vacation or retire unless you retire
them. “I love you” can be used even if you are not conscious of problems.
For example, it can be applied before engaging in any activity such as
making or answering a telephone call or before getting into your car to go

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.
Jesus as reported by Luke: 6

3. Blue Solar Water: Drinking lots of water is a wonderful problem solving practice, particularly if it is blue solar water. Get a blue glass container with a non-metallic Cover. Pour tap water into the container. Place the blue glass container either in the Sun or under an incandescent lamp (not a florescent lamp) for at least an hour. After the water is solarized, it can be used in several ways. Drink it. Cook with it. As a rinse after a bath or shower. Fruits and vegetables love being washed in blue solar water! As with “I love
you” and “Thank you” processes, blue solar water voids memories replaying problems in the Subconscious Mind. So, drink away!

4. Strawberries and blueberries: These fruits void memories. They can be eaten fresh or dried. They can be consumed as jams, jellies and even syrup on ice cream!

27 December 2005 (A Leap Back Into 2005)

I got the idea a few months back of a talking glossary of the essential “characters” in Self Identity Ho’oponopono. You can get acquainted with each of them at your leisure.

1. Self Identity: I am Self Identity. I am composed of four elements: Divine Intelligence, Super Conscious Mind, Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. My foundation, Void and Infinite, is an exact replication of Divine Intelligence.

2. Divine Intelligence: I am Divine Intelligence. I am the Infinite. I create Self Identities and Inspirations. I transmute memories to void.

3. Super Conscious Mind: I am Super Conscious Mind. I oversee the Conscious and Subconscious Minds. I review and make appropriate changes in the Ho’oponopono petition to Divine Intelligence initiated by the Conscious Mind. I am unaffected by memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind. I am
always one with Divine Creator.

4. Conscious Mind: I am Conscious Mind. I have the gift of choice. I can allow incessant memories to dictate experience for the Subconscious Mind and me or I can initiate the release of them through incessant Ho’oponopono. I can petition for directions from Divine Intelligence.

5. Subconscious Mind: I am Subconscious Mind. I am the storehouse for all of the accumulate memories from the beginning of creation. I am the place where experiences are experienced as memories replaying or as Inspirations. I am the place where the body and the world reside as memories replaying and as Inspirations. I am the place where problems live as memories reacting.

6. Void: I am Void. I am the foundation of Self Identity and the Cosmos. I am where Inspirations spring forth from Divine Intelligence, the Infinite. Memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind displace me but not destroy me, precluding the inflow of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence.

7. Infinite: I am Infinite, Divine Intelligence. Inspirations flow like fragile roses from me into the Void of Self Identity, easily displaced by the thorns of memories.

8. Inspiration: I am Inspiration. I am a creation of the Infinite, of Divine Intelligence. I manifest from the Void into the Subconscious Mind. I am experienced as a brand new occurrence.

9. Memory: I am memory. I am a record in the Subconscious Mind of a past experience. When triggered, I replay past experiences.

10. Problem: I am problem. I am a memory replaying a past experience again in the Subconscious Mind.

11. Experience: I am experience. I am the effect of memories replaying or Inspirations in the Subconscious Mind.

12. Operating System: I am the Operating System. I operate Self Identity with Void, Inspiration and Memory.

13. Ho’oponopono: I am Ho’oponopono. I am an ancient Hawaiian problem solving process updated for today’s use by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Kahuna Lapa’au, recognized as a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 1983. I am composed of three elements: repentance, forgiveness and transmutation. I am a petition initiated by the Conscious Mind to Divine Intelligence to void memories to re- establish Self Identity. I begin in the Conscious Mind.

14. Repentance: I am repentance. I am the beginning of the Ho’oponopono process initiated by the Conscious Mind as a petition to Divine Intelligence to transmute memories to void. With me, the Conscious Mind acknowledges its responsibility for the memories replaying problems in its Subconscious Mind, having created, accepted and accumulated them.

15. Forgiveness: I am Forgiveness. Along with Repentance, I am a petition from the Conscious Mind to Divine Creator to transform memories in the Subconscious Mind to void. Not only is the Conscious Mind sorrowful, it is also asking Divine Intelligence for forgiveness.

16.Transmutation: I am Transmutation. Divine Intelligence uses me to neutralize

17. Wealth: I am Wealth. I am Self Identity.

18. Poverty: I am Poverty. I am memories replaying. I displace Self Identity, precluding the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Subconscious Mind!

Before bringing this visit with you to an end, I would like to mention that reading this article satisfies the prerequisite of attending a Friday lecture if you are considering taking a Self Identity Ho’oponopono weekend class.

I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.

O Ka Maluhia no me oe.

Peace be with you,

Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.



While this content may be a difficult paradigm for many since it is may be challenging to employ the concept of taking 100% responsibility and perhaps harsh to the ears for some to process especially in instances where for example a person has been raped.  That is, while the person that has been raped is certainly not responsible for being raped, they are indeed 100% based on this philosophy to transcend from being a victim to becoming empowered to take back that night and transcend thus not allowing themselves to become imprisoned in a mind set of being a victim.  Viewing yourself as a victim denies you the ability to self-actualization and in many instances leads one into what Buddhism describes as the Worlds of Hell, Anger, Animosity, and Hunger. While Ho’oponopono provides one an opportunity to “clean” the scripts (messages) in the mind that unfortunately constantly replay similar to that of  a tape recorder stuck in loop mode.


Those whom employ this philosophy proclaim it to be a gift from Divine Intelligence that is a  problem solving process of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation.  One need only repeat as a mantra:


I am sorry…

Please forgive me…

I love you…

Thank you…


For further insight consider reading Joe Vitale’s book Zerolimits.  However, please be mindful that several people have made it their mission to commercialize Ho’oponopono in which they have become quite wealthy and perhaps focus too much on enriching themselves.  Hence, use caution where tempted to purchase the many products that Joe Vitale and similar characters will bombard you with if you chose to be placed on their e-mail lists.